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Machines for Sale


Hexagon 7.10.7 SF 

This machine has very few hours on it. Comes with some accesories as show (including progammable head) and has been in a controlled evironment since first setup. Purchased new in 2014.

Asking 65k OBO
 7.10.7 SF Metrology Frame
 Integrated Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse Arm
 DC-241 Controller
 Legacy Jog Box
 LED Workspace Illumination
 Probe Qualification Sphere
 Demonstration Block
 Dell OptiPlex 7010 DT or current model
 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
 21.5” LCD Monitor
The TESASTAR-m is a fully motorized probe head that provides fast and repeatable indexing in 5° increments and can be pivoted through +/-180° about the B axis and +90° to -115° in the A axis. Provides 3,024 probe positions. Offset probe mount allows unique table hugging probe position. Rotation speed is as high as 90° in 2 seconds. Includes TESASTAR M8 Adaptor.
The TESASTAR-mp is a M8 threaded probe with a magnetic kinematic mount that allows easy module changes, either manually or with an automatic module change rack. Includes one standard and one medium force module.
TESASTAR Stylus Kit #7
M2 threaded stylus kit includes:
(Qty. 2) Ball stylus Ø 1 mm x L 10 mm, Steel
(Qty. 1) Ball stylus Ø 1 mm x L 20 mm, Tungsten Carbide
(Qty. 6) Ball stylus Ø 2 mm x L 10 mm, Steel
(Qty. 2) Ball stylus Ø 2 mm x L 20 mm, Steel
(Qty. 2) Ball stylus Ø 3 mm x L 10 mm, Steel
(Qty. 1) Ball stylus Ø 3 mm x L 20 mm, Steel
(Qty. 2) Ball stylus Ø 4 mm x L 10 mm, Steel
(Qty. 1) Ball stylus Ø 4 mm x L 20 mm, Steel
(Qty. 1) 5 Way star stylus, Steel
(Qty. 1) 5 Way center, Steel
(Qty. 2) Extension L 10 mm, Steel
(Qty. 1) Extension L 20 mm, Steel
(Qty. 1) Socket head key 1.5 mm, Steel
(Qty. 2) Tool key for stylus, Steel
(Qty. 1) Knuckle, Steel

Walters BG 50

Fully retro fit to updated controls with conversational touch screen. Bag filter system included. 24" x 9" stroke & high pressure pump.

asking 65k OBO

Call (1-800-236-4911) or click for further information, ask for Mark.
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